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Your driveway or road is going to be both seen and felt over and over again. It gives the first impression of your property to newcomers, and will be a part of your daily drive and experience. It can be a big investment, and not one that’s easily changed. 

You want to get it constructed well, so that it functions smoothly and creates a nice aesthetic.

Preparation (Grading & Excavating)

The proper preparation for your road or driveway is one of the most important aspects of your construction project. The cost of designing, preparing, and laying down your chosen materials properly the first time saves a lifetime of hassle (and money) later.

Premature failure of your blacktop can happen for a variety of reasons, but we see it very commonly because of water infiltration from poor grading, or inadequate sub base.

Precise grading and excavating are not only going to make your surface look and feel nice, they’ll change the lifetime of your roadway.


The proper design and preparation are the foundational layers of your drive or roadway. After that comes the finishing touch: the actual surface you’ll be laying down and experiencing day to day.

Surfaces we install include:

  • Gravel
  • Concrete
  • Pavement (asphalt)

We also offer motor grading services, to maintain existing driveways and roads, as well as asphalt patching.

During installation, we make sure to grade and excavate properly, to prepare well for the application of the sub base. If using asphalt, we then apply the correct levels of base course, and lastly, asphalt surface course. 

There are many integral parts to consider when putting in a road or driveway. We’re happy to come out to your location and design a plan of action for what you’re looking to accomplish, as well as execute that plan with thorough attention to the details that matter. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation, get your questions answered, and get a plan in place.